Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Running with bears

Last week I ran Exit Glacier Road, which is closed off from traffic for the winter.

About two miles up the road we came across these:

Bear prints. They followed the road for miles, and it was SO cool to run along the same path as a bear.

The tracks were fairly fresh, and when I turned around at the five mile mark, there were new tracks on the way back, too.

I loved that while I was running in one direction following one bear's prints, another, smaller bear was walking in the other direction following MY prints. It felt magaical, as if I were connecting with some wild and primal part of myself and the world.

The next day we got hit with a heavy snowfall, and I'm pretty sure that all the bears are tucked away in their cozy dens for the next few months.

Running: 1048 so far this year
Reading: "Anywhere But Here," by Mona Simpson. I've read this book at least five times and still love it.


  1. Sounds like they were out running with you!! :) I wish I could tuck myself away in a den and sleep through the winter. Just think how rested we'd be in the spring if we could do that?

  2. What kind of bear? I might be scared!

  3. Think they were black bears, the prints were smaller than grizzly prints. And Karen, I'd LOVE to sleep through the winter. No, wait: I'd love to sleep and eat through the winter and, okay, read trashy magazines and just zone out.