Friday, November 30, 2012

Moose madness

This cute moose paid us a visit this afternoon, right before dark. Good looking, no? (I think it has a crush on me. It followed me and The Beebs home from the park.)

There's something so magical about encountering moose, even though it happens often in the winter, when they move in closer to town and use the trails instead of trudging through deep snow. I often see them in neighborhood yards when I walk the dog, stripping the heck out of people's prized trees and shrubs.

Some people make jewelery from the nuggets (i.e., poop) and sell them in the tourist stores down on Fourth Avenue. I'm ashamed to admit that I've actually bought these for Christmas presents for out-of-state relatives. I'm sure they were a big hit. How many people can say they have a piece of Alaska moose poop dangling from their ears?


Have a moosey weekend, everyone. And send me some good energy. I have a 16-miler scheduled for Sunday. The expected high? Nine big, fat degrees.


  1. I think moose are way more scary than bears. Definitely adds a complexity to your running! Good luck with the nine degrees. Hard to keep your face warm in that.

  2. That's so cool. I've seen moose a few times here in VT. It's that cold here too, but it's suppose to warm up today.

  3. Hope the 16 miler went well!! Those are great pics and so close...not sure about he poop earring though :)