Sunday, June 30, 2013

Oh summer, how I love thee ...

Today was my son's birthday. Happy birthday, CMR!

Wearing a mu-mu in Seaside, OR (posting this is payback for 19 hours of natural childbirth labor, hee, hee)

It's still warm up here in Anchorage. It's been an incredible summer. I'm getting spoiled by the heat, which I love, love, love. We broke the record for the most June days in the 70s. Mother Nature, please keep it coming, okay?

I had to get a job, since it's seems I've pretty much spent my novel money and won't get the rest until I finish my next book (waaa!), but it's part-time and I can ride my bike, which makes going to work in the morning so much more of a pleasure.

So of course I had to spend the money I just made, and guess what I bought?

I'm hooked on Brooks (a great slogan, no? Maybe they should hire me). These are the Cascadia 8 trail shoes and I love them so much that I haven't taken them off since I biked home. I love the way Brooks shoes fit my feet. Mostly I love the wide toe box. The tread on these isn't as wickedly impressive as other shoes but it's good enough.

Enough talk of shoes. It's summer and we've been out every night, running, hiking and walking the dog along the beach or around the lagoon.

Beebs at the beach. This was taken around midnight. It's about as dark as it gets.

Heading down the mountain to Powerline Pass Trail.

Bull moose, and yes, we were that close.

One of my favorite trails, Middle Fork to Willawaw

Sunset: This was taken just after midnight as we headed toward Flattop.

Happy running, hiking, biking, reading, and summer living.


  1. Strangely enough, most thru hikers wear cascadias. I resisted for quite some time but caved, and I have to say they are the most comfortable shoes I have ever backpacked in. I have not tried running in them, though.

  2. We have set records for rain the last two months. Boo Hoo. Love the new shoes. Will be anxious to know what you think of book.