Tuesday, September 18, 2012

My book!

I haven't run yet today. I may still head to the gym and attack the treadmill (we're having 100 mph winds here). And then again, maybe I'll blow it off (no pun intended).

Because ....

My novel galley proofs arrived today.

Yep, a good a looking UPS man delivered them safely to my door, all the way from New York City.

I have been giddy, and on the phone, all day.

Now I am exhausted and slumped in a chair listening to the wind and feeling fat and lazy (but a fat and lazy lady novelist, hee, hee).

Hope everyone has had an equally exciting day.



  1. How exciting! (she says, as she labors on a book proposal. Someday, I hope). I will be sure to buy it when it comes out!

  2. Very very exciting! Congratulations.

  3. Good luck on your book proposal, Mary. Writing one of those is tough! I've been applying for a lot of residency and fellowships. It's a hideous thing being a writer, eh?