Wednesday, October 17, 2012

12 miles in Arbor Park

Some days, you just don't want to run. Maybe your legs are heavy or your stomach is upset or you didn't sleep well the night before.

I had all three today. My stomach was queasy from too much Mexican food, I didn't sleep well and I had swum a mile, fast (or fast for me) at the pool the night before. My legs were toast.

Plus (drumroll here, please) it was 78 degrees. We rarely see temps above the 60s in Anchorage so 78 is HOT.

A cute historic cabin I passed on my run. I tried to go inside but it was locked.

Maybe my body was in shock from so much sun, but I wilted after two miles. My stomach protested, my legs protested and I did. Not. Want. To. Go. On.

Then I hit Arbor Lodge State Historical Park.

And there was free food!

The sign says to please not pick the apples. I picked one, hee, hee.. (Note my shadow. This is exciting--I don't see my shadow much in Alaska.)

Arbor Park is a wonderful place. There are trees all over (duh, Arbor Day, Arbor Park). Best of all is a paved road that winds through the park, up and down hills, around curves and veering off for short dirt trail loop. And I saw other runners! Nebraska runners! They really do exist! I was so happy.

This looks flat but trust me, it's a gradual  uphill.

The loop is exactly 1.3 miles, according to my Garmin, and I thought I'd go crazy running it over and over but it was soothing, and the trees gave it a welcoming energy.

It was one of those runs that was just-so-tough, and it never became easy. What gave me inspiration was this this gal's recent and rough 21 miler. Sometimes it helps to know that others also struggle. It makes you feel less alone.

When I got back to the Arts Center, there were tiny dead bugs all over me (Nebraska gnats?). Poor magnanimous things, giving up their lives so that I could suffer through a crappy run.

Another blurry autumn tree. I cannot get enough of these colors.

Running: 12 loonnnggg miles
Reading: Lots of "The Sun" magazines (such great writing!)
Writing: What? I'm supposed to be writing?


  1. Looks like a great place to run

    1. It is, surprisingly. Who would have thunk I'd enjoy running in Nebraska?

  2. I'm glad you could take something positive from my crappy run. :) Also, I laughed about your love of shadows. I'm completely in love with mine when it appears because it is pretty rare. And 78F is HOT. Oh my.

    1. Ha, ha, Karen, wonder who sees their shadow the least, your or me? I'm loving the warmth but beginning to miss the moody gloom of Alaska weather.

  3. Looks pretty but I would not be able to do loops over and over. Well I could but I wouldn't like all!

  4. Now i'm pleased you might take one thing optimistic through my personal bad operate. :) Furthermore, We chuckled regarding your ex regarding dark areas. I am entirely deeply in love with my own any time it seems which is quite unusual. As well as 78F will be Scorching. My dear.

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